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Small business loan – Avail now!

The small business according to the definition of the Commercial Code only requires that the scope and type of business of a sole proprietorship or a partnership do not require a commercial approach. An explanation over at

The trivial limit of USD 17,500 relates to the exemption from VAT payment as sales from business transactions that are generally subject to VAT, and as the sum of operating income to the fact that the USD attachment does not have to be completed when filing the tax return. Under commercial law, higher sales or profits do not necessarily mean that a trade is no longer considered a small business.

The easiest way to borrow is to start a business

The easiest way to borrow is to start a business

The required loan for small businesses can never be obtained as easily as when the company was founded. Promotional loans are open to all founders, with the exception of some of the sectors expressly mentioned by the credit institution on its website. Furthermore, the federal states provide default guarantees to start-ups on different terms, so that they also receive a loan from the commercial bank.

In the case of special loans for business start-ups, it is particularly advantageous that the repayment only begins after a start-up period of usually one year, so that the founder is not burdened by the repayment of loans during the start-up phase of his company.

Borrowing while self-employed

Borrowing money

Due to the limited turnover and the associated low profit, most banks only grant a loan for a small business with VAT exemption if the small business owner runs the business as a sideline. In this special case, when checking the ability to repay, they also carry out the household calculation that is otherwise only customary for lending to private customers. They also check whether the requested loan can be refinanced in the company based on the documents submitted.

If the loan applied for is intended for small businesses within the meaning of the Commercial Code, the bank is interested in the income surplus calculations of the past years and in the planned refinancing of the loan applied for through operating income. It is widespread to obtain additional Credit Bureau information on the private payment practices of a sole trader, as the latter is also liable for the liabilities of his company with his private assets. This liability also applies to joint ventures in the legal form of the GbR.

A business-related loan for small businesses shows a similar restriction to that for privately needed loans for the self-employed: many banks see themselves as consumer banks and only grant loans to employees and civil servants. However, there are also banks which, according to their statutes, are particularly obliged to promote companies located within their business area.

In addition, large private banks also issue a loan for small businesses. Since most investments do not immediately lead to profits, it is often advisable to arrange a repayment break for commercial loans. While this is basically offered with a loan for the establishment of a business, small businesses have to negotiate the repayment starts, which takes a few months, for loans taken later.

How to get a Credit for students?

Student loans. In addition to the specialized loan brokers specializing in providing all types of instant loans, there are more and more branches and online banks offering instant student loans.

We recommend that you use student loans, such as student loans, education loans or education funds. Loan for students With the secure financing of your education you save time. Often a student loan collapses on income, but this can be avoided by a guarantor or a second borrower.

Borrow a loan for students – even with bad ratings

Borrow a loan for students - even with bad ratings

Do you have problems with lending for students? The number of desirable and necessary items such as cars, cell phones, vacation travel, or required repair work that is consistently costly is large. So you intend to take a loan? Yet your credit rating is not at its best? As you read, you will learn how to avoid falling into expensive student loans and how to get your credit relatively easily.

Many, however, are unable to seek relatives or acquaintances for economic support for “credit for students”. Even a normal financial institution would immediately reject any application for a lack of credit or a Credit Checker entry. What many people do not know – even without Credit Checker information or a miserable credit rating, you can get a loan.

As a rule, they rely on reputable credit brokers, who work closely with foreign banks to obtain credit despite a negative credit rating. Basically, the main job of an intermediary is to help you find a suitable loan. Many intermediaries have good business relationships with small banks, which offers the opportunity to obtain extremely favorable terms for student loans.

Such a credit application for student loans would have no chance at an existing house bank. Both Good Finance and Good Credit do not charge any fees or commissions for their services. These two credit intermediaries are experts, especially when it comes to issues like credit for students. A mediator who is a serious will, without exception, be in your own interests when it comes to student loans.

You can tell a serious bank of the following

You can tell a serious bank of the following

You can tell a dubious bank of the following features: More and more people are getting loans from outside banks because they are planning a longer trip, looking for a new career option or simply needing a new car. In addition to the usual route to the corner bank, consumers now also have the network for taking out a loan in the event of an outlier. Bank discover.

This has the disadvantage that our credit guidelines in Germany are not so strict. Therefore, a bad entry into the Credit Checker or a bad credit rating does not burden the student loans so much. Here loans are arranged on the Internet, which is generally granted by Swiss banks. Especially for those debtors, this situation is of interest, which needs a cash injection very quickly and has already been rejected by German banks.

These are eg self-employed, students, employees in the professional practice, unemployed, apprentices or pensioners. It is precisely these people who find it extremely difficult to obtain credit when it comes to lending to students. Bad credit or debt significantly reduces the likelihood of obtaining a loan. Here, a Swiss lending business can be a sensible alternative.

This is a loan from a Swiss lending agency. Credit Checker inquiries are generally not executed by such banks, which considerably simplifies the process of obtaining credit. This is a valuable asset, especially when it comes to crediting students for study work. Of course, it is also not possible for Swiss providers of financial services to conclude a loan without a credit check and various income and securities certificates.

If you worry only about a bad Credit Checker entry

If you worry only about a bad Credit Checker entry

The Swiss loan could be a real possibility for you, provided your creditworthiness is naturally in the green. In this case, credit is a good choice. What do you have to look for when crediting students? As a borrower, care must first be taken to ensure that the monthly repayment installments of the loan are not too high.

Many consumers want a loan that is as flexible as possible. These include, among other things, special repayments without additional costs and discounts for one or more years. If a funding opportunity offers all these possibilities, then it is always recommended for crediting students. However, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind so that your credit as an employee, unemployed person, intern, self-employed person, student or pensioner is not put in the way:

As a general rule, the need for funding in terms of the credit point topic for students must be measured as accurately as possible. It is therefore advisable not to raise more funds than necessary. It is better to compensate for the shortage of funds with follow-on financing in the form of follow-up or additional financing.

The top priority in a planned project is to correctly assess the financial position and then calculate the amount of the loan. In particular, this does not apply to lend to students. For example, it is a valuable support to specify your own expenditure on a weekly basis: every day, how much time is spent on what is listed.

You need to be precise, careful and honest about your creditworthiness and financial condition – be honest, honest and careful about your financial condition and creditworthiness when it comes to student creditworthiness. This is the only way to get a precise and serious picture of your financial position, which can have a positive effect on the likelihood of an instant loan or express credit.

Real estate credit: rates divided by 3

Financing the acquisition of your property via a mortgage requires many steps that require time and negotiation skills. Discover all the reasons to use a broker to find your mortgage.

If you have looked into the subject, you must have noticed, the rates are historically low and there can be no more incentives to take the step of buying. Here is our file of the day to find out more!


July 2016 results

credit loans

Each month, the Crédit Logement / CSA observatory publishes the overall average observed on interest rates. The mortgage rate reached, according to the last report, an average of 1.77% against 1.81% in April, 2.09% in February and 2.15 in January 2016. A spectacular average which takes take into account the rates in new and old but note however, without taking into account insurance costs.


A continuous decline

real estate

These monthly reports confirm the continuous fall in rates since 2010. From the first tremors, market professionals anticipated a constant and regular decline.

Because the search for goods peaks between March and June with more transactions, we observe rates that “drop” from the first days of spring. This is explained by the demand from families who wish to enter their new accommodation at the start of the school year in September.


What lower rates mean

money loans

The first advantage, apart from the financial aspect, is the lengthening of loan durations which thus favors the accession of young people and first-time buyers. Since 2016, 55.2% of loans have been spread over 20 years compared to 44.5% in 2013. Concerning the plans granted over 25 years, they represent 20.6% of loans granted against 14.4% in 2014.

This observed decrease helps to relax a so-called saturated market like that of Paris and its suburbs.

It makes it easier for modest households to access property and the good news is that there is no increase planned for the coming months.

Finally, thanks to the drop in rates, it seems more relevant to limit its initial contribution and borrow more from your bank, thus putting aside your savings to reserve them for work or for a future investment.

And you, did you take advantage of the lower rates to buy? Tell us everything, the blog is there for that!

Who do they first seize the debtor or guarantee?

There are two questions that change relationships: “Do you want to marry me?” And “Do you want to be my guarantee?” The two could end very badly if the people involved don’t know each other enough.

The word “endorsement” is one of the many that nobody thinks until you need one or, worse, they ask you to BE ONE.

If you are like me and you fight a lot to say “no”, you probably already signed some paper putting your hands in the fire for an acquaintance who needed a guarantee for some credit, and convinced you with a “after all you know that I do pay”. Well, let me tell you what mess you got yourself into. (If you have never been an endorsement, good for you! Read this article so that, if one day they ask you, answer well informed).

What are the obligations of a guarantee?

What are the obligations of a guarantee?

To be a guarantee is to take responsibility for the debt of your friend, family member or acquaintance. Yes, your signature is like telling the institution “I trust so much that my friend / family member / acquaintance is a good payer, that I answer for him.” Just like that.

Deciding to be or not to be an endorsement is something that you cannot take lightly. I don’t want to tell you to never be (even if it seems so), what I want is to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Here what you should take into account before putting your signature on that paper:

Here what you should take into account before putting your signature on that paper:

Who are you doing the favor

Why is this point so important? Because your heritage is involved. You must ensure that he is a close, responsible and reliable person. I would even recommend you check your credit history before saying “yes, I accept”, so you can realize whether or not you are a responsible payer. If it’s a “very good people” friend that you met months ago, don’t even think about it.

Your economic solvency

The greatest risk of being a guarantee is that it will be you who answers for the debt. If necessary, would you have the money to do so? Answering that question before signing will prevent one day from having to say “I am a guarantee and I have no money to pay.”

“I already signed, what do I do?”

If you are already a guarantor, do not lose track of the debtor or disregard that debt. You have the right to ask him how he is going with the payments, if he has been late or not, how much he has left to settle, etc. Remember that this debt is a shared commitment, that is why it is so important to know for whom and for whom we do not risk being collateral.

“I am a guarantee and I do not have to pay the debt of another person”

Being a guarantee, nothing guarantees you that the person you are supporting can pay the commitment you made, why? because we are all exposed to unforeseen events that could complicate our finances, and the debtor you endorsed is no exception. What to do then?

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions:


If I am a guarantor and the debtor does not pay, can I stop supporting his debt?

No. By signing as collateral you are accepting a debt contract, and to modify it, creditor, debtor and collateral must agree. It is not an impossible process, but it can be very VERY complicated and yet it is most likely not successful (99% sure it will not be), because it depends largely on the institution that granted the credit.

Generally, what happens when the debtor can no longer pay is that the guarantee decides to pay the debt so as not to affect their assets and then solve the problem with the debtor externally.

Can you garnish me for being a guarantee?

Yes. That is why the institutions ask their accredited for a guarantee, so, in case they no longer have the resources to continue paying, the guarantee will answer for them. Once the person stops paying, the institution will conduct an investigation (let’s call it that) to determine if the person is in bankruptcy and does not have the resources to face their obligations. If so, the institution will “go” for the money or assets of the guarantee.

If I am a guarantee, can I sue the debtor?

No. Remember that signing as an endorsement is an act of “good faith” that is done voluntarily and selflessly, so it is very unlikely that a guarantee will succeed with a demand of this nature.

How do you know if a condominium is not in debt?

Did an apartment catch your eye and are you about to buy it? But beware, before acquiring a condominium property, it is strongly advised to learn about its financial management.


Condominium: before buying, check the financial management

debt loan

By buying real estate in a condominium, you will become a co-owner. This means that you will have to pay charges that will contribute to the proper functioning of the residence (maintenance of the common areas, lighting of the parking lot, etc.). Expenses that can become substantial if the condominium is poorly managed. Before buying your apartment, it will therefore be necessary to check that the condominium is well managed. You must ask to consult the accounts given to the co-owners by the trustee during the general meeting.

This will allow you to know the percentage of arrears. If this is high, this means that the co-owners do not always pay on time and that the co-ownership encounters difficulties in recovering the sums due. The trustee could therefore be forced to make additional calls for funds from the other co-owners to honor the invoices. Also check whether the trustee has put in place a procedure for handling arrears by consulting the minutes of previous general meetings. Also remember to check that the suppliers (gas, electricity, fuel, water, etc.) are well paid: if there are many debts, the condominium risks a suspension of the contract.


Charges, fundraising… check upcoming expenses

home expenses

It is also necessary to look at the budget voted by the last general assembly before buying your apartment. This fixes the expenses of the condominium for the following year. This will allow you to discover the sums that you may owe to the co-ownership during the coming months and to verify that they are consistent. These sums can be linked to works (facelift, elevator, doors, etc.) voted in advance but whose fundraising is planned for dates after the sale.

The minutes of the last general meeting will tell you on what date the calls for funds for the payment of the works will be made. It is preferable that these fundraising calls are scheduled over several years, to stagger the payment and avoid the risk of non-payment in the condominium. Note that since the implementation of the ALUR law, certain documents on the state of the co-ownership must now be annexed to any sales agreement.

These documents will give you information on the costs incurred by the co-ownership and the amounts that you will have to pay. Before buying, also ask the trustee for the building maintenance booklet, to find out about the condition of the residence: poor condition will increase the probability of work in the medium term.


Is the co-ownership insured?

home loan

Before buying an apartment in a condominium, it is also necessary to check that it is well insured, to avoid any disappointment later: without insurance, you might not get reimbursement for your damage in the event of a claim. If the condominium in which you plan to buy was built less than 10 years ago, damage insurance must be included in the bill of sale.

This insurance is essential because it will allow you to obtain compensation for any damage affecting the solidity of the building or making it unsuitable for its destination, without having to look for the responsibility of each company. Note that in the event of serious damage, if no damage-to-work insurance has been taken out, you may take action against the seller of the property. The latter can then turn against the companies concerned. In addition to damage insurance, please note that the syndicate of co-owners has the obligation to take out multi-risk insurance. Note that the deed of sale must notify you in the event of a lack of insurance.

People have a hard time getting a mortgage loan if you can reschedule a mortgage loan

Rescheduling of home loans

Rescheduling of home loans

With a reputable home loan new and carefree start! In many cases, however, it would be possible for them to convert overpriced real estate financing into a cheap home. Take out a home loan rescheduling loan despite a negative credit rating or poor credit rating. Take out a home loan rescheduling loan despite a negative credit rating or poor credit rating. In many cases, however, it would be possible for them to convert overpriced real estate financing into a cheap home.

When can you reschedule a mortgage loan?

When can you reschedule a mortgage loan?

What causes you a headache is when can you reschedule a mortgage loan? You want to take out a loan because you have to pay for desirable or urgent needs such as vacation travel, mobile phones, cars or other large purchases? Also, maybe you have a bad Credit Bureau entry or your credit rating is not optimal?

With us you will learn how to get a cheap loan loan without any problems and at the same time avoid falling into one of the many costly credit trap. Where can you get a home loan, even if the credit rating is negative or your credit rating is bad?

However, it is not possible for anyone to ask relatives or friends for a grant for “when can you reschedule a mortgage loan?”. A deposit or a bad credit makes it difficult to borrow, on the one hand, the creditworthiness is right and on the other hand, no entry into the law may be made.

What many do not know – even without Credit Bureau information or negative credit, you can get a loan. A large number of renowned rating agencies are geared towards obtaining loans from foreign financial institutions for creditworthy or creditworthy companies. The offer of help does not only include pure mediation.

Good connections to small financial institutions

Good connections to small financial institutions

Since many intermediaries have good connections to small financial institutions, the opportunity is great, favorable conditions for when can you reschedule a mortgage loan? negotiate. In contrast, lending applications to existing banks are usually hopeless from the outset. In terms of when to reschedule a mortgage loan, these two intermediaries are the first port of call.

A mediator who is viewed will, without exception, act on your behalf when it comes to when you can reschedule a mortgage loan. A negative Credit Bureau entry or insufficient credit rating therefore only plays a secondary role when it comes to rescheduling a mortgage lending business. Basically, these are Swiss credit institutions that refinance loans that are brokered over the network.

These people have a hard time getting a mortgage loan if you can reschedule a mortgage loan. Reason: The financing opportunities are significantly reduced by bad creditworthiness or debt. In such situations, a Swiss loan offer can be a real alternative. It is a bond issued by a Swiss financial institution.

This is an invaluable asset, especially when it comes to the question of when you can reschedule a home loan. Consequently, it is not possible to conclude a loan without a credit check as well as various securities and income statements at Swiss institutions. If you worry only about a bad Credit Bureau entry, the Swiss credit could be a real opportunity for you, provided, of course, that your creditworthiness is so good.

Enough funds from your salary for other important things

Enough funds from your salary for other important things

It is much easier for you if you have enough funds from your salary for other important things. A and O of financing are good conditions and low interest rates. If there is a financing option for all these items, then it is 100% recommended for when you can get a mortgage loan for debt restructuring.

However, please make a note of a few points so that there is nothing standing in the way of your support as a student, retiree, self-employed person, unemployed person, employee or trainee. Basically, the principle must be observed: The expenses incurred must be in consideration of the Topic From When Can One A home loan rescheduling be valued realistically. If the requirements were in fact too low, you can easily set up a follow-up or additional financing compensation.

Of course, this applies especially to the topic from when you can reschedule a mortgage loan to. What is spent on how much time per day? The purpose of such a list is to estimate the optimal repayment rate fairly accurately, and secondly, it is an excellent way to find out where you can save something.

It is important to be honest, accurate and careful with all the information about your financial condition and creditworthiness – especially when it comes to when you can reschedule a home loan and honestly, accurately and cautiously with all the information about your financial condition and creditworthiness , Those who give the house bank the impression of being a reliable business partner by complying with the mentioned criteria should also cooperate with When Can You Re-A Home A Loan.

Mini loan Immediately without Credit Bureau get a mortgage without credit reports or a bad credit rating

Mini-credit now without Credit Bureau

Mini-credit now without Credit Bureau

Therefore, even people with a bad Credit Bureau come to such a loan. Then we will show you who offers this and how to get the mini loan immediately. Immediate payout – is this also possible with a mini loan? Can I apply for a mini loan without Credit Bureau? The question is difficult to answer, because it depends on what exactly you mean by “without Credit Bureau”..

You have a problem with mini loan Immediately Without Credit Bureau? Are you planning to take out a loan? Yet your credit rating is not at its best? Maybe you also have a bad Credit Bureau entry? As you study, you will learn how to avoid getting into expensive credit trap, how to instantly hand out mini loans without Credit Bureau, and how to easily get your own coupon.

However, it is not possible for anyone to seek a grant from a friend or relative for “Mini-Credit Instant Without Credit Bureau”. An inadequate credit rating or an entry into the Credit Bureau makes it difficult to obtain a loan from their in-house bank, the creditworthiness is correct and, on the other hand, there can be no entry to Credit Bureau.

You can not believe it, but you can get a mortgage without credit reports or a bad credit rating. Above all, serious credit brokers, who conclude a loan agreement in close cooperation with international financial institutions, are being used by consumers despite a negative credit rating. The intermediary primarily supports you in finding debt capital at great expense.

Great chance of negotiating favorable conditions

Great chance of negotiating favorable conditions

Due to the fact that a large number of intermediaries have good relationships with less well-known financial institutions, there is a great chance of negotiating favorable conditions for mini loans immediately without Credit Bureau. Because of their favorable relationships, they are able to explain, for example, negative Credit Bureau entries, so that they are not judged as intensively in the credit check as in the automatic processes of big banks.

If such a request for a mini loan were made immediately to an established bank without Credit Bureau, it would almost certainly not succeed. With regard to the issue of mini credit Immediately without Credit Bureau, these two intermediaries are a hot favorite. If an intermediary is serious, he has a serious need to assist you immediately in applying for a loan for a mini loan without Credit Bureau.

Whether for a new vehicle, a longer journey, an improved mobile phone or the initial capital for the start of self-employment – loans from foreign financial institutions are no longer a financing option, from which one must hold back. Therefore, a negative entry in the Credit Bureau or an insufficient credit rating for mini loans plays only a minor role.

Considerable difficulty to make a loan application

Considerable difficulty to make a loan application

Here, online loans are distributed, which are usually borne by Swiss banks. As for the mini loan Immediately without Credit Bureau, just this group of people has considerable difficulty to make a loan application. When it comes to lending, private individuals with financial problems often do not have an easy time. Poor creditworthiness or debt significantly reduces the chances of financing.

Here, a Swiss loan can be a reasonable option. It is a loan from a Swiss financial service provider. For these banks, a negative Credit Bureau registration is unimportant, as such an application is generally omitted, which greatly facilitates the credit check. This is an invaluable bonus on the issue of mini-credit Instant without Credit Bureau.

Of course, for a credit business you also need certain securities and proof of income from Swiss institutions, for which a credit check is also made before the loan is granted. If you are only concerned with the introduction of Credit Bureau, but your creditworthiness is in line with the green, the Swiss mini loan for without Credit Bureau would be a real return.

As a borrower, it is important to you that the monthly installments for your lending business are as low as possible. In addition, the loan offer should be as variable as possible. This also includes a good financing option on the subject of mini-credit Immediately without Credit Bureau.In principle, you should, if you plan the mini-loan immediately without Credit Bureau, the expenses from the beginning as accurately as possible.

Assess your economic circumstances

Assess your economic circumstances

It is better to compensate for the barely calculated demand through follow-up financing in the form of follow-up or follow-up financing. If you need a loan, you should assess your economic circumstances as realistically as possible and keep an eye on your own income and expenses – even if they are mini-loans. For information about your own wealth and credit status, it is important to be cautious, correct and completely honest – be cautious, correct and honest with respect to any information about your financial position regarding the minicredit Immediately Without Credit Bureau,

By giving a sincere and comprehensive account of your financial condition, you will give a serious insight that will definitely positively affect your chances of winning an instant loan or an express loan. Anyone who presents himself as a reliable business partner to the house bank by following the instructions given should be able to use the credit and therefore the mini loan immediately without Credit Bureau.

Partner Loan Instant from Credit bank gives even more certainty that the one granted Loan is repaid

Balance of the partner Immediately

Balance of the partner Immediately

and also receives an immediate response from the bank. Is not it better to hire a lawyer immediately because of the demand? Shadow ticket counterpart Baden helps the murdered Kyrenen. The partner loan is subject to different criteria depending on the provider; often the common budget is accepted. But what if the partner who lives in the house – now alone with the costs and loans – can not afford the money immediately?

The end of the solo number

The end of the solo number

In the meantime, the times when the Credit Market Place Credit bank has mainly understood itself as an Internet platform for Internet affine single persons with a pronounced interest in credit belonged to the past. With this expansion of its product portfolio, the Berlin-based company meets the wishes of many customers and service customers who have previously missed out on this very advantageous service for the borrower. A prerequisite for the new partner loan from Credit bank is that both applicants have a common household.

The principle of ramava’s partner loan is simple: on request, the borrower can name a second borrower for his online loan application. only needs information about the second person and the community budget account to calculate a KDF indicator based on two revenues for the community capital servicing. To ensure better understanding of the individual loan projects, the Credit bank partner loan is presented in the same way as any other single loan application on the trading venue.

Not only will borrowers benefit from this new P2P loan offer, which will be able to wait for a higher loan amount or more favorable conditions due to the increased financial strength, but also investors for whom the partner loan from Credit bank gives even more certainty that the one granted Loan is repaid.

Do partners still have to pay home loans?

Do partners still have to pay home loans?

Does a shareholder have to pay the loan interest after the divorce and move out of the house, even though the building is in the possession of the still living father? The apartment was bought as part of the marriage. However, it was only registered as a fortune for one of the shareholders in the cadastre because it received part of its purchase price from its legal guardians.

For the remaining financing, both shareholders have taken out a loan and, after a number of years, a modernization loan. The credit entry was then paid by the joint account, on which both receipts (salary of the partners) went. Now the “non-owner” wants to outsource the shareholder. Does he still have to pay the partial payments for the building that does not belong to him?

It probably does not matter who is in the cadastre, but who is responsible for the loan. The way I read it, they are both (ex) partners – so both must continue to pay for salvation. The outgoing shareholder retains the claim in full, even if he has nothing else to do with the house he financed himself.