One of the best ways for Clubs and Societies to help their members and juniors to learn the Rules of Golf is to run quizzes for them. Of course, no-one learns anything from quizzes unless they are able to check why they may have got some of their answers wrong.

My carefully devised quizzes:

  • Eliminate the chore of composing suitable questions.
  • Ensure that all answers are correct and not open to dispute.
  • Provide the appropriate Rules references.
  • Supply helpful explanations, where necessary.
  • Include a handy check sheet for fast and accurate marking of answer sheets.
Each quiz is made up of four rounds of 9 questions - a 36 ‘hole’ event. For example, the Match Play quiz consists of:

  • Round 1: 9 questions – Quick Fire True or False?
  • Round 2: 9 questions – What is the Result of the Hole?
  • Round 3: 9 questions – What is the Penalty?
  • Round 4: 9 questions – Mixed Bag Questions.

The Juniors Quiz includes an important round of 9 questions on Etiquette.

There are currently 3 quizzes available: Juniors Quiz, General Quiz (for Club and Society golfers) and Match Play Quiz (highlighting the Rules differences in match play golf). The quizzes are delivered as a .pdf file, which can then be printed out as required, for the number of persons taking the quiz.

Each quiz costs just US $8 : Eu €6 : St £5. Choose your currency and click “Buy Now” to order. I will fulfill your request the same day.

USD - $8.00

Select quiz:

EUR - €6.00

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GBP - £5.00

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P.S. Don’t forget to select which quiz you want to purchase.

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