666 Questions on the NEW Rules of Golf - 2019

It is already obvious to me that many golfers are underestimating both the scope and the consequences of the radical changes that will have to be observed, applied and governed in all formats of golf competitions with the advent of the new Rules of Golf - 2019. This makes it all the more important that those that are already involved in any way with the Rules, whether at society, club, regional or national level, will need to get up to speed as quickly as possible with the new Rules of Golf, effective 1st January 2019. Whilst some Rules have not changed there are many that have and every single Rule and section number is different from the old ones. Moreover, there are many changes to the words and phrases used, which will need to be assimilated and understood.

I have carefully gone through all 123 sections and 74 Definitions of the 24 new Rules, using the experience of authoring my two previous ‘999 Questions’ books to ensure that all relevant issues are included in the 666 questions, each of which has a fully referenced answer and accompanying note to further explain the ruling.

I strongly recommend ‘666 Questions’ as being an interesting way to learn the nuances of the new Rules in an easy and interesting way. Readers can test themselves on each question, noting any that they do not get correct, or are not sure about, so that they can concentrate on those by exception.

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Barry Rhodes

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999 Questions - 2016

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