99 Tips

I am the first to admit that it is not easy for most golfers to remember all of the Rules of Golf that may be relevant to the many situations that they encounter on the golf course. So, I have drawn on my decade of experience in helping others to better their knowledge of the Rules, to assemble 99 valuable tips on how to understand, remember and use the Rules of Golf to your advantage. This list is an update and improvement of my content from the successful DVD, ‘99 Golden Nuggets To Demystifying The Rules Of Golf’, which is now out of date and out of stock.


‘99 Tips on Using the Rules of Golf to Your Advantage’ is delivered as a simple, downloadable .pdf file, which can be read on any computer, laptop, or tablet. The tips are broken down into 11 convenient sections, which can be printed out, if required. The total document consists of 29 A4 pages.

  • Before Commencing a Round
  • The Teeing Ground
  • Nearest Point of Relief
  • Asking for and Giving Advice
  • On the Putting Green
  • How to Proceed When Your Ball Is in a Hazard
  • Ball in Trouble!
  • Common Misunderstandings
  • After the Round Has Finished
  • Differences in Match Play
  • Miscellaneous

Click here for the introduction, contents and a specimen page.

‘99 Tips on Using the Rules of Golf to Your Advantage’ costs just US $8, Eu €6.25, or St £5. Choose your currency and click on the “Buy Now” button to order. In the majority of cases I will fulfil your purchase the same day.

USD - $8.00

EUR - €6.25

GBP - £5.00

At this low price ’99 Tips’ should be compulsory reading for all golfers who play competitive golf. There are tips that will surprise you and your fellow competitors, tips that will save you penalties and tips that will help improve your scores.

From a purchaser of the DVD: “99 Golden Nuggets (Tips) has been one of my best ‘Golf’ purchases in many a long year. I still play it in the car and on my ipod while out walking.” Danny M.

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