999 Questions and 999 More Questions on the Rules of Golf

I have now published two books with 999 Questions, answers, references and explanations on the Rules of Golf.

My new book, published in January, 2016 is in a completely different format from the original ‘999 Questions’ book. The questions are divided into 9 sections on 111 different subjects, so if you have a question on; embedded balls, marking and lifting a ball, stakes, foursomes, stipulated round, etc., you just search the index for the subject that you wish to test/inform yourself on. This format lends itself to use on a smart phone or eReader and there are two photos / diagrams for each set of 9 questions. There is very little commonality between the original ‘999 Questions’ and this new book; both will assist you to obtain a better understanding of the Rules of Golf.

My original book was published in 2008 and has now become the ‘go to’ book for Rules of Golf enthusiasts. There are questions, answers and most importantly, explanations to the myriad situations that occur on the course. Answers are conveniently located immediately beneath each question and are directly referenced to the applicable Rule of Golf, the Decision on the Rule, or the appropriate Definition. The questions are tiered into three knowledge levels; 333 simple questions that every golfer should be familiar with; 333 more difficult questions relevant to both casual golfers and Golf Club members; and 333 advanced questions for those seeking to expand their knowledge of the Rules.

Both books are available from the Amazon Kindle Store

If you purchase either of my ‘999 Questions on the Rules of Golf’ eBooks from this page, instead of going to Amazon, I will personally send you two file formats; .pdf for reading and printing from a computer, and .mobi for reading from a smart phone, tablet or eReader, using the free Kindle app. The price is the same as for the single format from Amazon. Please note this is not an automatic download, but I will normally send the files within a few hours of receipt of payment. Beware purchasing out of date versions, which are still being advertised on Amazon and some other sources.

Both ‘999 Questions’ eBooks will assist golfers of all abilities to enjoy their sport more, improve their scores and make the right decisions on the course.

The new ‘999 More Questions’

USD - $10.99

EUR - €9.99

GBP - £7.99

The original ‘999 Questions’

USD - $9.99

EUR - €8.99

GBP - £7.79

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The updated version of my book for January 2016 is currently only available from this web site, as an eBook. However, it is now available as a paperback from Amazon/CreateSpace. For those of you that prefer a paperback version, both of my ‘999 Questions’ books are available in a paperback format from Amazon/CreateSpace. Paperbacks do cost significantly more. Be warned that I have been unable to getAmazon to remove the out of date publications, so if you do purchase from this source be extremely carefully that you choose the most recent versions, which include the amendments to the Rules at January 2016. Also, please remember that if you purchase the Kindle version from Amazon you will only receive the .mobi format, whereas buying from me on this page results in you receiving a.pdf file at the same price.