How Many Strokes?

A good way to better your knowledge on the Rules of Golf is to test yourself by working out a player’s score in completing a hole of golf. In my “Rhodes Rules School - How Many Strokes?” series there are 99 descriptions of golfers playing a single hole, during which multiple Rules situations occur, some of them incurring penalties and some of them permitted by the Rules.

Your task is to assess what the player’s score is for the hole. Naturally, I provide accurate answers, with references to the relevant Rule or Decision and explanations, where necessary. I am confident that you will find this an innovative way to improve your understanding of the Rules of Golf, and the penalties that may apply, in an enjoyable and challenging format. Why not take them out after your round and initiate some discussion with your fellow Club or Society members?

You might even win some bet money!   Separating each question and answer is a “19th Hole Titbit – Do You Know?” fact. Each one of these details an action that you are permitted to carry out on the golf course without incurring a penalty and I am confident that many of them will surprise you.

The full series of 99 issues of ‘How Many Strokes?’ is now available as a downloadable booklet (.pdf format, which can be printed out from any computer) for just US $9 : Eu €7 : St £6.

Choose your currency and click “Buy Now” to order. In the majority of cases I will fulfil your request the same day. 

USD - $9.00

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GBP - £6.00

Click here to see the first two pages of “How Many Strokes?”

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