Pros Getting it Wrong!

This new eBook contains 99 articles on memorable Rules of Golf incidents, most of them relating to golfers competing in Professional Golf Tour events. Each of the wide ranging articles highlights a breach of a Rule of Golf with interesting nuggets of information, including explanations of the rulings, comments from the players and officials concerned, links to videos showing the circumstance of the breach and the consequences of the penalties imposed.

In my experience, reading about how golfers have fallen foul of the Rules of Golf, or have used them to their advantage, is an excellent way to obtain a better understanding and remember them. This is especially true when the names of those involved are familiar to us. However, you do not have to be an aspiring Rules of Golf expert to enjoy reading this series of 99 short articles averaging about 700 words. Some of the incidents may be familiar, such as Tiger’s 2.000lb loose impediment, Simon Dyson tapping down a spike mark and Carlota Ciganda’s drop at a wrong place during a Solheim Cup match; whereas others will be new to you. In those cases where the relevant Rule has changed since the incident I have fully explained what the ruling would now be.

Each article is accompanied by my short ‘explosion’ of a common myth, or misunderstanding, on a Rule of Golf that are regularly perpetrated by Club/Society ‘Rules know-alls’, who sometimes need to be put in their place. My explanations are accurately referenced, providing the ammunition to dispel these myths for once and for all.

This eBook is delivered as a .pdf file that can be printed out in sections, as required. I will usually send it by email within a few hours of receiving advice from PayPal of the purchase.

USD - $10.00

EUR - €8.50

GBP - $7.50

Note: Where a relevant Rule or Decision has been amended since the featured incident occurred, I have noted what the effect of that change would be to the ruling made at the time.

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