So You Are Going to Play Match Play!

Most golfers play their competitive golf under the Rules of stroke play, which includes medals, strokes, bogey, par and Stableford competitions. However, many Golf Clubs and Societies run match play competitions, often scheduled to run over a full season, and in many countries there are also inter-club, inter-state or inter-provincial match play competitions. It is essential for competitors to realise that there are many differences between the stroke play and match play formats of golf that they should be aware of if they do not want to incur loss of hole penalties, or worse, the unnecessary loss of a match.   I have prepared a comprehensive document summarising all the differences in the Rules of Golf applying to match play. There are several of them, which I have itemised under the following headings.

  • Score card
  • Penalties
  • Concessions
  • Doubt as to Procedure, Disputes and Claims
  • Handicaps
  • Time of Starting
  • Discontinuance of Play
  • Practice
  • Advice
  • Informing Your Opponent of a Breach of Rule
  • Order of Play
  • Playing From Outside the Teeing Ground
  • Ball in Motion Deflected or Stopped by Opponent, Caddie or Equipment
  • Ball in Motion Deflected or Stopped by Another Ball
  • Four-ball Match Play – Representation of Side
  • Four-ball Match Play – Wrong Ball
  • Four-ball Match Play – Penalty to Side
  • Four-ball Match Play – Disqualification to Side
  • Ignoring a Breach of Rule Made by Your Opponent
  • NEW: From February 2018 this eDocument includes a single page, summary check list of 12 important points that all team members should be aware of before commencing their match. Purchasers have my permission to distribute this eDocument to any member of their Club or Society, providing it is without charge and my accreditation remains in place.

‘So You Are Going to Play Match Play!’ costs just US $7, Eu €5.50, or St £4.50. Choose your currency and click on the “Buy Now” button to order. In the majority of cases I will fulfil your purchase the same day by emailing you a .pdf file, which you may print out (11 x A4 pages).

USD - $7.00

EUR - €5.50

GBP - £4.50

Whether you are a golf team manager, a team member, or an individual who has entered a match play competition, you need to know the important differences in the Rules that might otherwise catch you out and lose your side holes.

I have received these comments from those that helped me proof the content of ‘So You Are Going to Play Match Play!’;

“It is excellent and should be of great assistance to golfers of all categories. I like the way you’ve set it out, explaining all the relevant rules in sequence.” Ms. H.S. “Excellent document Barry. Your simple explanations mean that I learn more from your content that I do from the rule book!” Mr. G.C. “This is a must read for anyone that plays match play golf.” Mr. S.R.

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