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I would like to take this opportunity to say a big “Thank You” for your wonderful site on The Rules of Golf. I have learnt so much over the last few years since signing up for your site, and really look forward to understanding more Rules of Golf in the future in order for me to sit and hopefully pass the Rules of Golf Examination from the R&A or xxxxx Golf Association. PS

Can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy your rules posts. Have passed them on to all that I can find who are remotely interested in the hopes of perhaps educating and/or getting more people interested in the rules. KT

I have been following your email series for some months now. I must say that it has helped me understand the rules of the game better, thus promoting fair play. When playing casually at local clubs, often, golfing rules and regulations are subject to perceptions rather than actual facts. In this regard, your email series clear a lot of lingering doubts. AS

Thank you for your most interesting and informative blog and explanations of the rules of golf; I have thoroughly enjoyed both through the year. They encouraged me to buy your book “999 Questions on the Rules of Golf”, w.


I am in my second year of receiving your blogs on the Rules of Golf and I want to thank you for all your work and obvious love for the Rules. As a Committeeman for xxxxxxxx I felt that I had a good understanding of the rules. But I must admit that often you have provided me with a new insight on how a rule can be interpreted. I especially enjoy the different examples of rules violations that happen on Tour. AB

I have recommended to (and forwarded your email to) all of the people with whom I regularly play. I have found your weekly lessons most entertaining and enlightening. DM

My brother told me about you and your blog when he shared your notes on unplayable lies. I was impressed with how well you worded this often confusing and misunderstood rule – but the best part was my being able to use your interpretation earlier this week with the group I was playing with! I will be sharing your website with all of my golfing buddies – keep up the GREAT work! JS

As one who has played golf for 75 years I believe that it is appropriate that I, and others, take the occasion to contact you and thank you for the continued, good information that you supply to us on the Rules of Golf. BZ

It’s much easier to learn the rules in such a digestible format. Thank you. CB

Thanks Barry. I’m a newbie to the sport, and I like your tips the best JIA

You now have most of my Family as subscribers and pleased ones at that. JS

  • I’ve been receiving your Rules blogs and emails for about a year now. They are concise, clear and terrific! CS
  • Thank you…. FYI – I’m passing on your site to several friends who are in desperate need of it! DD
  • Many thanks for the information throughout the year - really great to know the actual rules and how they are applied. RW
  • I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to you for your newsletter throughout the year. It’s been the greatest of help and joy since I signed up. JF
  • Thanks so much for your help!! Really appreciate it!! So good and so clear as always. OVH
  • Barry, what a great web site, I appreciate the regular rules letters. You explain them so clearly it’s just what we need. HC
  • I’ll leave it to up to you if you want to subscribe or not, but in all honesty his knowledge of the rules is awesome and he has a QA section on his blog which covers very interesting questions posed by users of the blog, with his answers. DM
  • Not only is this article interesting, but I look forward greatly to each edition of the email rules you send. You explain them well and they’re informative and entertaining! CS
  • Many thanks for your continuing blog on the rules of golf. I read and save every one and often refer to them to settle an argument over potential infringements. MW

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